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The Great Triage has ended

At the end of February, I started what I called the Great Triage. The goal was to reduce the number of songs I starred on Spotify by listening to them randomly and removing them if I didn’t enjoy them anymore during one month.


The Great Triage has begun

When my parents bought a Spotify family subscription back in 2017 (I was 18 at the time), I started to furiously like every song and album that I could find. At the beginning, I was awesome ! No need to download MP3 into my mobile phone, and I could listen to so much stuff.



package main import "fmt" type I interface{ r() int } type g struct{ m int } func (j g) r() int { return j.m } const v = '$' func main() { var i I = g{m: 0o0005} fmt.Printf("%xyo\x20\\o/\n", (v+1)&^0x1f+func() int { return i.


How I changed the way I teach for this year

The scholar year 2023-2024 is my second year as an adjunct professor at Lyon 1 Institute of Technology, in parallel to my day-to-day job. But even if the content of my courses is still the same (Programming 101 and Security 101), I made a few changes to the way I share and teach stuff.


Dice-generated passphrases

Hi there! Following up my previous post about Generating secure passwords, I’ll talk here about another way to generate passwords that are: complex (high entropy); easy1 to remember. Those passwords are called dice-generated passphrases. Two questions arise: why dice-generated, and why passphrases?


Backups with Kopia and Backblaze B2

Configure Backblaze Create a repository Update the default policy Create and recover snapshots Automation Configure Backblaze First, we’ll need to create a bucket to store our files: Note that I do not enable the Default Encryption as the files will already be encrypted with kopia.


Keyless entry systems protection and bypassing

Recently, I got gifted a Flipper Zero \o/ I’m still in the phase where I’m trying to understand all its capabilities, and as I’m not very familiar with RFID/NFC, and more generally with everything RF-related (my radio signals classes were a long time ago) I’m reading a lot of stuff on the Internet about it.


I'm leaving

Today was last day at Virtuo. I joined in September 2021, right after the end of my BSc, and it was my first “real” job1. At the time, I was wondering what I’ll do in the future: should I endure 2 more years at the university to obtain a master, or should I find a job?


Partial history search using the Up key with Bash

I’m a big fan of Bash. Every time I tried another shell (especially Zsh), I always ended up using Bash at some point. There is one cool thing with Zsh tho: when you start to enter a command and then press the Up arrow key, you go through all the previous commands in your history that start with what you typed.

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