Aléas numériques

Linux, infosec and whatever crosses my mind.


“Two of the most famous products of Berkeley are LSD and Unix. I don’t think that is a coincidence.”

I started with Arduinos, and ended up smashing stacks and uploading malicious PHP on clients’ websites. But meantime, I studied sequential function charts, Modbus RTU/TCP, electronics boards, and all the stuff that goes beep boop and unexpectedly overheats.

Since I got my hands on a Linux machine, I never went back. But I don’t hate Windows though, it can be really handy to deploy vulnerable labs to play with.

I’m pretty comfortable writing code, especially in Go, even if I know that I’m not a developer and my code may be horrendous for some. I can also read and write C, some assembly, and maybe code one class or two in Python or Ruby under threat. One of the biggest projects I coded is a Kubernetes controller, and you can find the source code here. I’m pretty proud of it, to the point that I have a bumper sticker of it on my car.

When not behind a keyboard, you can find me on a mountain bike, or somewhere hanging on a cliff.


Nowadays, I’m busy working as a platform security engineer for a major healthcare company, but also teaching offensive security and system programming to BSc students in a big French university.

I really love teaching and sharing knowledge, so if your school is interested feel free to reach me1.

Code I write

I used to write and host my code on GitHub, but since the recent GitHub Copilot events, I’m trying to use it as little as possible.

Now, I’m mostly hosting my code on Codeberg. There are fewer features, but I feel better when I git push. I love FOSS software, so it makes sense to me to avoid giant platforms that do not respect licenses and steal other people’s code to monetize it without any attribution.

Stuff I would like to tinker with

There is a lot of things I’ll love to study, but unfortunately time is missing:

And probably more things I can’t recall that are written on a post-it, somewhere.

If you’re looking for someone to work on one (or more) of those topics in your company, drop me a line2.

You can find a more detailed resume here.

Here are some unlisted posts that do not really belong to the “posts” timeline as they may be frequently updated in the future:

Lastly, I manage the Open Weight Database, an inventory of outdoor gear. The main goal of this project is to simplify trips preparation by documented how much each equipment weights.

Let’s get in touch:

$ ./
├── mail:     hugo[at]eml[dot]cc
└── mastodon:

$ cat ./nicknames.list
On the Internet, I usually go by ezekiel (and variants), h7c or hacb, depending
on their availability.


Me in daily apparel… and when there’s nobody around

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  1. This does not apply to you if you work for a private school that costs 8,000€ a year. ↩︎

  2. This does not apply to you if you work in some crypto-bullshit company. ↩︎