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» I'm leaving

Today was last day at Virtuo. I joined in September 2021, right after the end of my BSc, and it was my first “real” job1.

At the time, I was wondering what I’ll do in the future: should I endure 2 more years at the university to obtain a master, or should I find a job? But eventually I have been contacted by Virtuo’s lead SRE in April 2021 after registering to a tech jobs platform. I got an interview, and it was a total match for me. After a second meeting, we agreed that I will start mid-September. I’ll become a Site Reliability Engineer, working with tech I was finding really cool at the time: Kubernetes and Cloud technologies, with emphasis on security \o/

However, I was aware that the mission was, for me, quite ambitious: I was joining the new platform squad as the second(!) SRE, working daily on a tech stack I barely know. I’ve never touched most of the non-infra technologies before (MongoDB, Node.JS…), and was fiddling with Docker and Kubernetes for less than a year. But at the time I was doing a lot of CTFs, did some nice open-source projects in Go, was comfortable using Linux, and I think they enjoyed my motivation and will to learn new stuff during the interviews.

The first months were really tough: the quantity of new information and processes I had to learn was huge. I was fighting a lot against impostor syndrom2 and trying to avoid the Dunning–Kruger effect as much as possible. I was in full “fake it until you make it” mode.

But eventually, I was learning and progressing, and things went well. I ended up working with dedicated and talented people on pretty cool projects, from security incident response to programming Kubernetes controllers. I learned the necessity of clear and efficient communication, how much documentation is important, how to work with a team, an how being rigorous today will save you tomorrow. The platform squad grew from 2 to 3, and then to 3.53 people, and we started being way more structured and organized, not without some hurdles! Time was passing by, and I was in a really good position to see new challenges appearing: the ones a company has to face when it goes from start-up to scale-up.

1 year and 10 months later, I feel that I’ve seen what I wanted to see. I worked on fun projects, contributed to open-source, and learned a ton of valuable stuff, and not tech-related only. But I wasn’t really enjoying my day-to-day job anymore, and wanted to explore other paths in tech.

Now I’ll take some vacation and ride my bike, until a new journey begins. Spoiler: I’ll do way less kubectl :)

Goodbye Slack

  1. Actually, I did some internships and I was in apprenticeship during my last year of studies, but it was more a “do what you want and have fun” job. ↩︎

  2. Aren’t we all? ↩︎

  3. We were all grown adults, but one member was working one out of every two sprints in our team, and the other one among the devs. ↩︎