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» The Great Triage has begun

When my parents bought a Spotify family subscription back in 2017 (I was 18 at the time), I started to furiously like every song and album that I could find. At the beginning, I was awesome ! No need to download MP3 into my mobile phone, and I could listen to so much stuff. But by liking everything I listened to, the “Liked Songs” has got out of hand:

3,606 liked songs! Damn. It’s high time to clean it.

So I hereby declare the Great Triage open! The rules are simple:

  1. For a month, I’ll only listen to songs in this playlist, randomly.
  2. If I dislike a song, I remove it from the “Liked Songs” playlist. Otherwise, I keep it.
  3. The only exception to the rule #1 is for training. It’s hard to modify a playlist while mountain biking.

Let’s see how many songs I will remove in one month!