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» The Great Triage has ended

At the end of February, I started what I called the Great Triage. The goal was to reduce the number of songs I starred on Spotify by listening to them randomly and removing them if I didn’t enjoy them anymore during one month. It ended at the end of March, but I did not take the time to publish a small recap since then.

The first thing I want to say is that overall it was a great way to rediscover songs I used to enjoy a few years back, and I stumbled upon some that brought back good memories. But what about the size of the playlist after a month of triage?




3,197 liked songs!, so 409 fewer songs! Not bad, but still too much!

I mostly removed old metal songs and albums I listened to when I was younger (which was a lot!). Also, I really noticed that Spotify’s shuffling feature is not really random. I knew it existed, but it was crystal clear that the same songs and artists followed each others and there was not a lot of randomness in the random mode.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience but trying to listen as much music as possible to clean up as many songs as possible kind of bored me about music. Maybe I’ll try a month without music soon ¯\(ツ)